B.o.b.Ain't Worried

I 'aint worried 'bout nothing
I 'aint worried 'bout nothing
Nigga said, 'he aint heard about me shit he must aint heard about nothin'
You allergic to stuntin'
Both my pockets I stuff em'
And I don't know what shoes you prefer but these *fur so dont scuff em'
Got that dank for the weedheads '
Got deep thoughts for the conscious
God damn beat for the aunty
And I got that D for ya mama
Bitch miss me with them rumors no I dont need that I dont want em
And I 'aint no motherfucker dj.
So miss me with that drama
Bitch quit all that gossipin get that up off me
Regardless im ballin you know that im sparkling
You looking thirsty in need of a faucet
I'm fresher then death yeah my closets a coffin
ugh, so quit all that talkin' dont need your 2 pennies this shit aint no opera
don't need your opinion if you aint involved wit it,
You look so soft that my fabrics are softenin
Man I'm so sick when the audience confess that way of applauded me
They say I'm killing in but 'aint nothing to kill cause I already slaughtered it,
there in my crosshair,
This shit I smoke could tranquilizer a bear
marble on my table and its marble on my chairs
models on my tables and its barbies in chairs
see em right there, This shit I smoke could tranquilizer a bear
marble on my table and its marble on my chairs
baller im a player, b baller im a player
Middle finger up to all my adversaries
Nigga you a straight L7 you a square,
I come off top like a loose hair
no teeth wit it 'she's no tooth fairy
everything waxed wont find 2 hairs
I dont give a fuck not even 2 cares
Bring the beat back let me get 2 snares
Bulletproof flow in a room with 2 hoes,
she squirt so hard that my living room soaked
ima need some new shoes ima need a new coat,
dick so big she gon need a new throat
On my next check I'm get a new boat
If it 'aint a whip it will be a *
Underground luxury nigga you know,
Fuck your self, I'mma set a new