Listen girl I got a couple things I need to say
Cuz I don't want you to make the same mistakes that I made
Take my direction
And I swear you'll be a better woman
Take all my slip-ups as lessons
And learn from 'em

jumped off the porch early
That was my first mistake
Was hard headed should've stayed in a child's place
Im grown now and them mistakes turned to lessons learned
Don't jump off in these streets too early
You gone get your turn
The good thing about it now
Is I can rap about it
Me and my bitches sit back
And we just laugh about it
Moma tryed to tell me
shit I made my own decisions
Now everyday im wishing
That I would've listened
Gone be alotta niggas tryna whisper in ya ear
Lets have a talk
I bet I'll tell ya everything ya hear
Stay in ya age range
don't mess wit them old niggas
They come wit way mo problems
Then the younger niggas

Chorus: 1x

You probably gotta alotta bitches with ya on ya team
As you get older and wiser
watch how many leave
you don't need that many friends
Keep ya two or three
If ya circle small its easier to keep that piece
You find a nigga make sure he got some morals
A stand-up nigga help you go farther
Don't hit the club before ya time
I know ya wanna try it
You start early you'll be tired before ya twenty-five
Had a job and a car when I was sixteen
The smartest thing that I did was stay about my green
If you do take a L
Lil Moma don't regret it
Cuz that will never hold you down
unless you let it
Don't get me wrong
I ain't tryna tell you what to do
I just think what I been through can help you
Make the money
But don't let it control you
You Eva get in a jam
remember what I told you