A Static LullabyEverybody's Got A Lil' Fonz N'em

You know that time in your life.
That single moment that defines exactly who you are.
Well that only stings for a second.
I ain't no Frank Sinatra.
I ain't no Sammy D.
But I'm a rodent baby.
And I got a love song to sing.
I'm cool like Miles Davis.
Hot just like Jerry Lee.
When it comes to rocking baby.
No ones better then me.
A music man can't keep his girl.
This boy travels around the world.
Her picture framed in his sleep.
He'll be home in 3 weeks.
Hey I feel like I'm crashing.
Bright lights flashing.
What time does my flight leave?
Sounds to me like engines failing.
I'm done praying. I'm ready.
She ain't no Elvis Presley.
But i think that she moves just like the king.
I guess she's feeling lonely.
So she walked out on me.
She ain't no Paul McCartney.
But she's the insect in me.
Crawling through my body baby.
Her poison travels through me.
A music man can't play anymore.
Can't place his calls from the road.
Without her voice he can't eat.
He'll be dead in 3 weeks.
I slayed the dove. Betrayed by love.
Can't find the vein.
To escape the fame. I slayed the dove.
Betrayed by love. Who killed Kobain?
His girl or pain.
I got a year till I'm turning twenty-seven.
I got a manic whore and a healthy habit.
I've been fucked by labels that had to have a record.
Am I destined for this or will I buckle under pressure.
A music man can't save the world.
But you get his heart and his soul.
Transmitted through the song that he sings.
I hope you bought this one from me.
I ain't Mick Jagger.
I ain't no Bobby D.
But I'm a poet baby.
And i got a rhyming scheme.
Feel pain like Johnny Cash.
And I cry like Frankie V. When it comes to loving you.
I need therapy.
I'll see you at the funeral.