Factory Of DreamsDark Season

Same dream again...
Crushed by this Sound
Invading my Dreamworld
And I wake up in distress
Gazing at the
Darkening skies

A strange eerie Music
Distressing Sound
Fading our Sun
Surrounding us

Darkness invades this
Doomed land
Painted black
By an invisible hand

Here we gasp in awe to
The season of darkness
Music/Our hope is shallow and pale
Our minds become so frail

Embrace the dark
Let it come to me
I am no longer afraid
No longer afraid

We fear the rumours
The Earth is invaded
Depression hits us hard
As hope is now faded

Downhill through the valley
An impossible structure
Disrupts the mesmerizing sight
Standing still and waiting...

Chorus II
This dark season
These dark minds
All connected

Dark season in our minds
Dark clouds arise

Deafening Sounds
Invading the season of darkness
It's war inside of us
Our time has come!

Resisting my dark side
Resisting my mind