7 Years Bad LuckTime Is A Thief

"yeah this may take some time
things haven't always been this bad
so when did we fuck up?" she said
feels like a hundred miles
without a word, without a sound

and such a long way still ahead
so here I am, still feeling fine
the last four years we fell apart
but I am busy staying young

"just take your time, I'll come around"
how time flies when you're trying to have fun
and she doesn't really mean it
the things we do to get by
no she doesn't really mean it
and choices made

sometimes we live with those for quite a while
now all the bridges I have burned
guess there are things that I will never really learn
I still remember us together
that look before she took my hand for the first time
and we try so hard
we really thought this could be
the rest of our lives, now here's a joke, eternity
we tried so hard

who knew that time is a thief
maybe I should've known when she said
"pay no attention to me"