98 MuteM.A.D.

All blurred, no resolution
All scared, self mutilation
Black hole, no salvation
All gone, mass annihilation

I pray you say
It had to come one day
I die, you cry
You sit here and wonder why

We failed the next generation
We raped to our satisfaction
Now we pray, human taxation
Self loathe, quiet desperation

I bleed, you feed
we must plant the new seed
I try, you lie
Taps scream out worldwide

We hate, discriminate
Initiate the new state
We scream, full steam
Must begin the new dream

We feel it's not real
Let's start the new deal
We're taught, wars fought
Let's create the new god

I say no more,
You can't keep score
Dog day afternoon
Fallout all too soon

Bright hopes, dark skies lights out
Deafening cries
Bright hopes, dark skies, lights out
As we say our last goodbyes