Nicki MinajFirm Biz '08 (feat. Jadakiss)

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Ya girl been hot since Corduroys, since quarter waters
And all the boys use to try to be like the corner boys
Cos they heard the pussy wetter than them dorney rides
Fuck with who? Fucks with you
When is them checks cleared like Huxtibles
I'm known to hang with a thug or two
Niggas that only do what a thug would do
Ask about me, the FEDS watch daily
Gettin' more cheese, more bread than a deli
And I'm getting' love fam now like Nelly
And I throw it up 12 o'clock when I wheelie
I'm in the area, scoop my nigga Jada
You gotta be brave, you gotta get paid
Ain't nothin' worse than being a broke bitch
I always got crack I tell 'em to smoke this

[Verse 2: Jadakiss]
Yo, ya boy been nice since thunder cats
Since leather boomers and lumber jacks
Come outside with a hundred stack
Jeans with the sweat pants under that, yeah
Front on who? Not on me
Niggas know I keep the seventeen shot on me
Made a lil something off rap, lot off D
Get your points off another nigga, not off me
Air forces, new trues and a crispy tee
New coupe nigga CL-63
Cost you nothin', we get hit for free
With Nicki, matter fact, nah, the bitch with me

[Verse 3: Nicki Minaj]
So you wanna sip goose and play Nintendo Wii, no
Get the bricks and flip the ya-yo
Chirp if you looking for the work
100 dollars of pussy, my misses getting' busy
FEDs getting dizzy niggas tryna get me
So I change the sizzy combination to the cizzy
Brand new V that's what I get for pitchin
Nice little crib, a couch that I could sit in
Umm I mean sit on, blow piff, fuck a bitch on
Oops I mean feller keeps the umbreller
And I only fuck with them paper makers
Nicki Lewinski LK ta Jada