Valley Of ChromeConquering Hades

A resurrection from the dead without purpose without meaning
Only to find my source of hope from choruses long forgotten
Heroes in a dying age carry the torch once burning bright
A dedication to those of us who won't give up the fight

I won't watch myself crumble I won't lose the will to live
That pathway leads to nowhere defeated purpose killed
These words have meaning they convinced me to survive
And burn down all the false prophets and leave their lies behind

Can you see these burning eyes gazing at an empty sky
Everyday is like a step closer to the sorrow they provide
Yet I hold on to what's left find the best inside myself
I will conquer hades

Personal reflections of a 23 year old
I face this broken mirror as my drama unfolds
Desolate I vow to start a new
Forgive forget the hatred I once knew

My faith and my devotion against the world...
these words have meaning they convinced me to survive

send this message to the ones I love
I've wished for too much but not death from above
My days of suffering will end this very night
Witness tired wounded angels- angels taking flight

From endless depression to inspiration
I'll tear apart these gray skies
Happiness appreciation for what I have
I have conquered hades