A.b.Rowdy A Tribute

NOVEMBER 27 Its a sad day
a tragic accident occurred where we lost A
Good friend named Raul DJ Rowdy A
born in august 24 1990
creator of the Hudson Gotham city Fridays
lots of memories left behind
r.i.p stands for rowdy in paradise
thumbs up pinkies down is what he'd always say
screaming out loud its Friday
not only did he DJ but was a son too
prayers go to his family I'm here for you
ull be missed from the bottom of our hearts
this aint the end its just the start of a new chapter in our lives we lost a good friend but we dont all survive its part of this life cycle that were all in were born as champions and thats how we all win

dying 4 years and he loved it living life to the fullest enjoying every moment of it
no regrets in life just the great memories we build thats why everyday live it rightfully thrilled
because its crazy how we leave in the blink of an eye things happen to quick Im feeling terrorized light a candle for my man DJ rowdy a hes looking down upon us from a safer better place id also like to say r.i.p Alex v a great photographer and friend most would agree rowdy motivated those close friends around him Gotham city family wont be the same without him more than just a DJ a great individual telling us to continue our dreams and finish school i send my prayers to the homies up above even though your gone, youll always be loved.

-Rest In Peace Rowdy A