J. ColeSxsw Freestyle

Cole World, Boy, check the degree's
These lil n-ggas is trash go and get the Febreeze
THats why I blew up on you sucka's all thats left is debree
One soldier's all thats left is fatigues
Act like you know me boy, I'm Kobe
How the f-ck you gon step in my league
Talking bout bullshit, your message fatigue
Played out
Phoney n-gga probably only got arrested for weed
and out here talking that dime shit
Dom Perignon shit
Not gon cut it like some scissors on my lawn shit
Grown cause I own shit
This is what you won't get
Game so cold, bring the blizzard to the Palms
I'm a wizard, I'm a don and I put this on my mom
I'm offended, I'm appalled
If y'all ain't bowing
Claim you a monster but y'all aint growling
Claim you a beast, why y'all aint howling?
'Bout as sweet as a jumper on the game Ray Allen
I'm 'bout f-cking hoes like Ray J wylin'
Killin' n-ggas like K K K violence
I guess it's why they pay homage
Momma I'mma be BIG and I put that on the late great Wallace