Kevin GatesKevin Gates

Kevin gates - kevin gates (im aware sum are wrong...i just quickly typed em out for Sandy so he could see this while behind those walls)

They say me and future sound alike
im soundin like future
as long as the car movin never dead stuck in nuetral
make a shout out to future mean to kevin gates the future
the future of this music headphones i wore to school
uninterested in school mind set on distributin
back n forth to houston, but not the galleria
big shout out to that dirty 4th ward on the real
prescription plug jumpin shawty lookin like he fa real
face playin poker but i aint givin my mans up
from that south side if u from my section u stand up
rubber bagged up, disgusting wont pull our pants up
on the block 24/7 the police done ran up
jail got us here sum of us leave in handcuffs,
mama throwin suckers to get us free when we jammed up.
play em tough you get beside it could get u blammed up
all i know is cocaine isha and rock revels
no money for to go to prom with , resorted to stealin.
anybody unwilling to give it we just gotta stick em.
my name ringin fa real, not how non of us pictured.
best dressed at mckinna (school?) hair curly lookin dominican.
jump off the phone with sandy "gates baby u killin em"
all i know is smashin anything that wont get it up.
goin back to reeboks thinkin bout it for easy.
ridin with the e cocked prayin to god i dont need it
thinkin bout the range rover break u off and change clothes
underneath the tree tops talkin bout imma give it up.
just left off the block feelin like i aint live enough
every pussy the same but im feelin like i aint get enough
bad bitches i rip em up, done that shit for big head
old friends change and now they sayin got the big head
fuck em in their ass, mack 11 with the big head
bring em with the oyster face and they got the big head
chrome cocked at the bottom with rocks comin off
me i signal on a mission and their tops comin off
then my car will rock while ur outfit rock then my round white body girl movin up ey tina turn around
say fuck a hook, who got the hook up? if u know we need the hook up..if u know who got the hook up hit my line we need the hook up its 225-303-4829 aight thank you
oh my god kevin just fell asleep and aint wakin up
shoulder game is oozin whippin the blender we break em up
turn the ringer off too many features im cakin up
who the hell said gates aint shit? who the hell cares?
bet ur followers will be the proof on who the hell cares
mention it every 8 seconds your career is on welfare
beef to get a buzz ur a sell out who the hell cares
sandy was a blessing to ever be in my presence
i taught u how to be urself u aint learn ur lesson
fog lights glowin as we manuveur the night time
day runnin lamps on the rental we had a nice time
just reiterated what was stated by ur lifeline
woady said ur wife but she said wait...not right now
the sex aint really good but im scared i may hurt his feelings
hes a tough guy in the streets but hes sensitive be fa real
every time we up in here i pull her hair and make it sound off
big booty bitch i give her dick my shit a ground hog
out of town cuz i got a friend who live in new york
at a museum shoppin for art meant set in the park
watchin the sunset in the dark im intelligent
cool i can tell u like to move on the regular
fall in love fast ill make sure i handle it delicate
if you plannin surprises or thinkin what u can buy me
im into watches and automobiles need me an audi
if u were to go and buy it swear or drive an impalli
but fuck it back to the mission
fat women and pistols
fat women holy crackin and crack of their skin
you prolly think its disgusting i prolly think its terrific
you prolly think im demented she prolly think its delicious
im thinkin standin in the kitchens with her
i have no uses for the fridges
you prolly still thinkin why he aint mentioned usin the dishes?
im sick..(laughs) leave it just like that dont change nothin!!!