Calvin HarrisDollar Signs

(featuring Tinashe)

[Verse 1]
Dollar signs
Said fuck this shit, you know what's on my mind
Stay on your hustle, you be on your grind
Whip out your heart and lift it on the line
You running out of time
You lose your mind, you lose your fuckin' mind
You lose your mind, you lose your fuckin' mind
You close your eyes, you seeing dollar signs, dollar signs

People searching for answers
While the world's spinning faster
They say love is the answer
All you see is dollar signs

Dollar signs
Dollar signs

[Verse 2]
Dollar signs
I told you once ain't gotta tell you twice
If life's a game I'm throwing loaded dice
These other girls ain't really what ya like, what ya like
Feeling like running away
Stressing 'bout nothing all day
Money and hoes, come and they go
Let them go, fuck 'em away-ay
Everything ain't what it seems if it's all just a dream
I believe it, I believe it

[Pre-Hook] + [Drop]

[Verse 3]
Love is something vicious
Still it isn't right
Seeing all them secrets in your eyes
Meet me in the middle, underneath the lights
You know I ain't got no chill tonight

[Bridge] (x4)
No chill, no chill, no
Got no chill tonight

[Pre-Hook] + [Drop]