I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The HouseSaturday

mama oh mama
now where have you been
down at the tahiti lounge
just drinking again
mama oh mama
now where did you go
one more night your little boy got left alone

that's okay
you know why
I got my Saturday
and I got me some cartoons
you can lay up drunk all day
I got cap'n crunch and scoobie doo

gonna go down to that ol' fishin' hole
nine years old giggin' frogs all alone
and i'm gonna take a stroll to the dairy queen
get me a dilly bar, and a cherry dip cone, and a steak finger basket, man
I just love my Saturday
all I got to do is pretend
close my eyes, count three and pray
mama, you ain't gonna hit me again

gonna watch the ballgame with grandpa in the afternoon
the new york mets are playing in cincinnati town
the vertical hold on the black and white don't work too good
but that's okay
tom seaver's on the mound and he ain't throwin' nothing but strikes, man

I just love my Saturday
playing pitch back ball outside
climbin' trees i'm not afraid
someday i'm gonna leave this world
i'm gonna fly
bye bye

grandma made the best fried chicken in town
plenty of grape kool-aid you know to wash it down
tonight i'm gonna go to bed with my belly full
gonna wake up later and watch the midnight special
with wolfman jack, and I think the cars are on

Saturday has come and gone
but it will be back again
six days to wait
that ain't too long
I got baseball cards and plastic army men
and Saturday.