Baba BrinkmanInterlude B

Yeah, from Gilgamesh to Chaucer via the Odyssey
This is philosophical narrative artistry
And somehow it still means something to us, as powerfully
Now as it did to people who're thousands of years asleep
Here them speak through the modern lyricism
Technology is changing, every couple years it's different
And language is evolving too, smooth and sinuous
It's only human nature that remains continuous
That's the influence of our natural history
People have the same passions now as past centuries
Whether it's jealousy, greed, lust or vengeance
We're just the descendants of those who left descendants
The body disintegrates into dust and cinders
While the legacy remains, in memories and young infants
But who gets remembered, and who gets forgotten?
And whose line dies out, and whose gets to blossom?
That's where the crux of the story resides
In the struggle to survive and leave something behind
It's the struggle to survive
And leave something behind