Kendrick Lamar"The Recipe" feat. Dr. Dre (Produced by Scoop DeVille)

Smoking weed with you…

[Intro: Dr. Dre]
Every morning when I wake up, uh, money on my mind
Good times and get caked up, uh, sunshine coming through my blinds
I’m living but, really though, it’s never enough
10 milli on, that's a must, living in California, everybody wanna visit for

Women, weed and weather
(They come for) women, weed and weather
For the women, weed and weather
(From all around the world for the) women, weed and weather
Got that women, weed and weather
Yo, it sound clever, come and play
What more can I say? Welcome to LA

[Verse 1: Dr. Dre]
These niggas’ll kill for that, put it in your grill for that
Still everybody gotta build for that, me? I make mills off that
How the fuck can’t y'all see I ride, when I drive, down the block and
You look outside, H-A-T-E in your eyes, I enter big money for the enterprise
It’s a beautiful day I guess for a bitch to roll with Andre I guess
Roll it up, baby come lift that dress then roll it up for me when I’m stressed

[Bridge: Kendrick Lamar]
You might catch me in Atlanta looking like a boss
New Orleans and then Miami, party in New York
Texas I be screwed up, Chi town I be really pimping
But nothing like my hometown I’m forever living


[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
My nigga said he wanna fly out to get him - some
3 W’s only for a three day run
Bitch, take them motherfucking panties off, you ain't no - nun, shit
I be living in the sky everytime I ride by them hoes
Ribbon in the sky on the radio cause Stevie know I control
Let it breathe, I control
California living 'til I am old
You want to be one, to peak on the chart
So the peons can be gone and pee on their hearts
She in the coupe, she in the Neon
Cause she on the BS before we can start
Fuck with a nigga, ride with a nigga
Let 'em know the priority order me Hennessey
And for my niggas OG Killa
Call it Jason Voorhees, boy he's on his job
Boy he sure be having the marks
On they mark, pretty bitches and tire marks
Let 'em inhale them pipe exhausts
Let 'em reveal how much it cost
For this life controlling my vice
No way hell no, uh uh
If I’m wrong I don't wanna be right
You want to be one, to peak on the chart
So the peons can be gone and pee on their hearts
Women, weed, weather, it’s not my fault
That it's 82 degrees and my top peeled off

[Bridge] + [Hook]

[Verse 3: Dr. Dre]
Known for that homegrown where I come from
Smoke one, palm trees, double D's got 'em topless in the sun
I shall proceed, that's me, muthafuck your opinion
How many ways am I killing 'em, shit, right around a billion
We on it, that mean we living for the moment
That mean she’ll fuck 'til the morning, time and I got time
And I know that I’m in a position of controlling, anything by that ocean
I'm a boss I’ll buy that ocean, ain't nobody fucking with this

[Verse 4: Kendrick Lamar]
They want that shit, they often feind, I give it to ‘em, but in between
My time, I gotta tie shoestrings, life’s a trip when you want these things
I often slip and then I lean toward 3 W’s in life
You know blow job need an application, eating pussy make appetite
And yeah my type, I like ‘em brown, just like my drink, the fuck you think
I don’t fuck wit’ no hand me downs, see if you fuck then its after me
You know how much I’mma make it work?
You know her dress, slip it in her purse
When you discussed your love for lust
Just make sure you visit here first, Cali

[Bridge] + [Hook]