Childish GambinoPound Cake (Sway In The Morning Freestyle)

[Verse 1]
Let 'em speak, I know I'm meek but the mils louder
Watch the throne, kings kill when the prince feels power
It's the real deal, Holyfield, holy shit, holy grail
Silver spoon coon, young buffoon, yeah, they know me well
I'm makin' moves, couldn't lose, doin' Parker Lewis
Hot on my own, self-immolate, I could be a Buddhist
Hot on my own, check your tone, check your stance homie
You don't even like me, you just trynna get my fans homie
So nerdy but the flow wordy
Brain-freezin' with the flow slurpie
Ice cold but you know I burn cash like I had herpes
Not true, but I'm that dirty
Niggas quit bein' hot man, cold turkey
While I'm out in Kauai, man, soul searchin'
And these niggas be afraid and I'm so certain
Cause they don't know what to do when the world's broken
A lot of people try and go and talk shit but your girl stops me on the street
Like it's stop and frisk and a bunch of DDots wanna talk a lot of shit
But that's cool cause in the real world they really don't exist
It's all because the internet
Chance made millions, Haim made millions
Dan made millions, Kendrick made millions
I would too if I wasn't in my feelings

You know, cause like, people say money's not everything
But money, you need money to do what you wanna do
Like money is power, honesty is power, truth is power
But at the same time they tell you like

[Verse 2]
Ain't nothin' more important than the mula
You ain't really eatin' boy, you gotta get your food up
We so steady eatin' baby, you already know that
The way I'm droppin' new shit, I'm sittin' on the toilet
Every night I tour that, moment
But we don't take pictures, when you're rich you just see it again
The only thing they really worry about is me and the pen
Wrote some shit on Instagram, I'm just bein' honest
They tried to give your boy pills like I'm bein' violent
They tried to give your boy pills just to keep him silent
Keep tellin' people the truth, you could be iconic
They tried to give your boy pills, like "he's scarin' us"
Try to stay inside, I don't really like appearances
I try to stay inside, but they still got something to say
"Are you still on the show? Are you dating Jhene?"
It's deeper than that
Calico inside the handbag, I'm keepin' the cat
I got some niggas in reserve like I'm deep in Iraq
And I'm deep in the rap, and it's deeper than rap
This is deeper than rap