E-dubble & 27 LightsKlitschko

[Verse 1]
Miracle lyrics even when the beat go dumb, (dumb)
Got me thinking 'bout all my old songs
Old jawns, new flow
20-20 two tone
Hip-Hop Is Good, and I'll take that to my tombstone
Still a Wallace in the afterlife
Music lives on, never gone, no half-life
Imma drop in, like I'm in a half-pipe
Then I'm gonna skate on tracks until they act right
All up in your living room, who's that fucking ghost though?
No comparisons, but B.I.G was how I coped though
All my fuckin' hope shit, let me on this playlist
All of the above, no pigeons, no hate shit
Put me on the radio, let's just see what happens
When a rack of people turn up, and the president is clapping
I ain't talking assassins, I'm talking bout the passion
We got it entrothed, if you want in on any action
You can...

Two 15s in the trunk (in the trunk)
7 grams all in the blunt (in the blunt)
1 dime piece in the back (in the back)
3 grown rappers when I smash...
18s all on the whip, though
I keep them stock cuz I really don't trip, though
Yo, I swing it like Klitschko
Rolling through your city and I bet your whole clique know

[Verse 2]
I'm right back in this bitch with a fucking attitude
Spit flames when I'm aggy like Raditude
Nardwuar fame is a game I would rather do
Fuck questions, I don't talk platitudes
I can see the nitty gritty, 4 40s, I'm getting shitty
Big bad cheques ghost writing that Diddy
Gimme that loot like B.I.G, just kidding
Who's kidding? I'm living, no dreams, big visions

(Vocal Chops)
Still a Wallace in the afterlife
Still a Wallace in the Afterlife
Music lives on, never gone, no half-life


[Verse 3]
I hit that reset button
No games with the fame they covet
No lames in my lane stay buzzing
Stay running, stay hungry
My passion; I love it
So I stay all up on my business
Type away, never play about my business
So maybe stay up out my business
I put it in my music, it's never from a distance

[Hook x3]