VanityNaivety, No More

Creating melodramas for the sake of melodrama,
Didn't have a plan for life hereon after,
Basing these facts upon learning hard lessons,
Decrepitly speaking I'll always remain second,

Sometimes I wish I were here but still so very naive,
Because then I'd still have that same future that I used to believe,
Sometimes I wish I could breathe with a little less integrity,
But I know full well that I can't survive a life of negativity,

What more can I possibly do?

We all have to be selfish to be where we want to be, We all have to be selfish to be where we need to be,

And that's where we'll always be,

This Midas touch i want will become a cursed gift,
Everything I'll ever love will simply turn to shit,
So I'll save myself the painful years and just flee today,
Knowing I might accomplish something significant someday.