I Watch My Spin And Wrote This Scribe
Bout Late Night Scriben These Rhymes By Candle Lights, Translate The Scribes
I Watch My Spin And Wrote This Scribe
Bout Late Night Scriben These Rhymes By Candle Lights, Scriben These Rhymes

Take Me Back To The Place I Use To Play
I Miss The Old Days
Now My Visions Purple Haze, I Craved
Music Made Plucking Strings In The Shade, I Should A Stayed
Betrayed My Soldiers To Get Paid
Noway Days, Cause The Same Thing Doing Something New
That A Few Could Only Ever Do The Way My Crew Use To
And That's For Real, Music All About The Way That You Feel
And When You Lose An That Is Life
What Else Could You Use Make Lose
Understand The World Is Yours
You Take It Into Your Hand
Let No Man Ever Tell You That You Can
You Only Got One Chance Of Life
So To The Sky And Beyond
Take Flight Like Night, Just Do What You Can Go Wrong
To The Falling Stars Before Me
I Let It Know Its All Guts And No Glory
The Stories About To Begin
Oh In The World Just Take Me Back To Harlequin
That's The Place You Find Me Getting Down With My Friends
Uh I'm Getting Down With My Friends

Can We Go Back To The Time We Use To Freestyle?
Rhyming Of The Mouth, Never Got No Joke
Everything Will Be Fine, We Got The Sunshine├é┬ącan We Go Back Yo

You Feel The Stress Trying To Prove Yourself, You Know You're The Best
But Unless You're Educated Boy, You're Just Like The Rest
Jack Of All Trades, You Still A Master Enough
Their Looking For The One
Who's Down To Get The Job Done Son
Stay Out The Game If You're In It For The Cheddar
The Pollies Bothers I Know There's Nobody
But Still Better Then You'll Ever Be
There's More Then This Can You Can See
Gutta Pay The Price Ain't Nothing Goin For Free
Welcome To My World, We Stay For Ever Clever
Never Hesitate To Endeavour Or Levitate
For Music Sake, The Stakes Are High, Snakes On The Lie
So Keep Your Eyes Upon The Prize, Because You Won't Get By
Take Me Back Yo, Yeah You Gutta Take Me Back Yo