Justin TimberlakeCome And Touch

Ow oh oh oh oh yeah
Oh you're already here
Haven't seen you for a couple of days
So let me tell you something

And when I start taking my clothes off
Touching myself and taking a shower
I wanna be alone and I dont need a girl
To feel the way I wanna feel

And I dont want you to feel the way I feel
I just wanna have some fun with a couple of guys
My touch is just a body language
So exciting so inviting
Wanna go I just need oh

And when I say so you say no
And when I say no you say so
Just better you would say
Hey baby boy you're sexy

But you keep saying
You're a little bit sassy
sissy boy come to me
Oh you melt in my arm like a butter ah

Tryin' to keep you
Don't want you to disappear
Just tryin' to catch your smell
Your voice is just so mellow

Why are your steps so..? Hallow!
Dont know if you're a girl
And I don't even care
Come and touch touch me closer

One more time twice
I don't wanna dance
Make no scence
Do you hear my lamentation?

How? Keep me in your arms
Just put your hand on my chest
And tell me what you feel
Just look in my eyes

And tell me what you see
That silence between us will be for a while
And you know what I mean
And you know what I have seen
Haven't seen you for a couple of days
So let me tell you something

Let me touch you with my finger tips
Let me shake my hips
Am I about lips?
Chocolate sticks

Just lose control
And follow my lead
(Chorus 2x)
Come closer closer yo come closer