Valley Of ChromeGirls with the Softest Lips Lash Out the Most Violent Words

ybe I'm at fault for feeling this way since the day you came
pretending to be in a dream I've christened in your name
so desperate to be noticed my passion running wild inside
wanting you adoring you skin to skin and side to side

so near you yet I'm invisible so flawless sweet and beautiful
I'm captivated by your charm a misleading smile meant to disarm

Finding a way now to be heard- before you lash out all your violent words
I'm blinded you're my only concern- a line of heartbreak now's my turn

If you'd look a little closer maybe you would notice me
It's pointless dreaming of you my heart's burning fourth degree
This is desire flaming red I think of you alone in bed
Day in day out you are inside this heartshaped box I run and hide

Postmarked to sender returned as your picture slowly burns
I try to pretend that it's alright your voice wakes me up at night

You're a wish I never had it'll take a lifetime to understand
Why I don't deserve a chance to prove I worship your every move

That line dividing won't be blurred and still you lash out all your violent words
I'm blinded I'm none of your concern in this game of heartache I'll never learn
I'll never learn...