A Breath Beyond BrokenWinter Dream

As I say these things, my mind’s not right
These are just bones they are stones of a different kind
We are alone but the zones that we call our mind
Where is my emotion, where is my strength?
I wonder if you can feel
Where the lies end, and the void begins
And I’m stuck between a past and future tense
But in the here and now, I can’t find where to begin
And it’s not enough to speak of love
We must feel our worst intentions
We must run, start over
And I care for you now, but this sentiment keeps me captive
Because of my sick imagination and where it takes you when I sleep
I had a dream last night
Of how cold a heart could be
Woke up to my toes numb
But was it your heart or mine?
I used to laugh at all my fears,
How time has changed the way I think
I used to laugh at all my fears, and we used to learn from our mistakes
We are the best of beggars, using our stories to eat
But now I’ll never move on, I’ll never more on, so set on what we lost
And it’s such a sad song, but I’ll have a sadder one tomorrow