J MeyerU and I

Feels like
I'm drowning
with my head
under water
with out you
It's extremely hard to breath
It's like my visions
kinda blurry
but my hearts
in a hurry to find you
but theres no light to see
but as long as
your soul
intertwined with mines
I'll will search till the end of time
travel all the lands
and the seven seas
for you and me
girl forget all the things
that they told you do
and i'll make sure that I'll do it to
Theres nothing in this world that i wouldn't do
For one more look at you

And when I find
you girl
I'ma have a ring
the biggest finger rock
that you've ever seen
Call your friends
around and get
on one knee
then look you in the eyes
and ask you

how are you
doing today
and yes
were here for you
you take
my breath away
each and every day
and baby
I Love you
and I
Forever you and I
Forever I love you
and I
Forever you and I
forever I love you