A Breath Beyond BrokenDreamt Myself An Architect Built Myself Some Walls

am i even in your heart
because if and when my life falls apart
i could mold the shambles, just for your support
if it would make the world feel right
cause i am to please right until i die
i've got appearances to keep up

in every disappointing distance, there's another cry for help
am i reading what you're thinking here, did you feel how far we fell?
and i know my silence stings
but we need to focus on other things
just hold your posture, at least til we get home

waiting for misery to return to me
in the lengthy lore of wanting more
my passion, it slowly died
and there's a lazarus for the rest of us
if you could just speak up, let me in

but if i can't answer my sins by name
i'm doomed to make the same mistakes
i scare myself in and out of these vagabond visions
wandering endless through catacomb incisions
of my styrofoam cerebral, dialstole dreams
the verbal excretion of a heartless expression
i hope you're holding
i hope you're happy
i hope you press god hard against your heart
and he treats you like a friend

but here is my question to you
are my paper thin problems
less meaningful to the world
if they aren't poured from a bottle
and we go through different problems
but you say i never felt pain
that pride it burns like a scarlet letter
just home to a little more shame
but if you train your breath
to inherit my name
not every exhale
would sting the same
would sting the same
because i know you're tired
of feeling so fucking alone

and when you wake up
i'll never shy away again
and we could cherish the ignorance
if you're willing to forget