im mr wrong for you but tonight
you taste like youre my mr right
but dont get your hopes up cos i dont bite
unless you ask me not to bite

when you wake up bleeding in the morning
go take a shower real quick or when
i wake up i'll be so horny
you wont get to leave until it's pouring

i like scratch marks on your body
and your semen in my coffee
not really but it's entirely
up to you cos im so tired

you taste like sweat and thats alright
cos thats probably all id really like
you to taste like after last night
and your black tshirts all stained n white


Swag is my fag
That blood for real
Yung Salad is the man
Getting work on this deal
Demon dope hustlas on that trill based tip
Positive motherfuckers
Best fucking dip
You're the wrong boy
But dude I'm the wrong girl
We'll still fuck tonight
Impregnate the whole world
You could treat me dinner
Share this adderall
You be my #trustpunk
Etch skin with triangles
I put the fun in funeral
The cross dildo in cruise control
I be that goon witch baby
Suck your snake in a glory hole
I gots the orgasmic magic
Fucking blacksmith
Open you up with a strap-on
This night has gone tragic
You'll gonna lose all that logic
Step to me? Bitch you've lost it
Your virginity, I gots it
Your soul, imma keep it
This torture chamber, bitch I bought it
Don't fret with that knife on your throat
I told you blood turns me on
Murder she wrote