J. ColeI Really Mean It

Yeah, The Warm Up*
Lemme stretch out

They say I'm the down south Nas
The east coast Pac
The Carolina Andre
The Fayettenam Kanye
So join it, ya can't beat it
To all the nonbelievers
If you missed it I'll repeat it
I'm the light skinned Jesus

Here's my thesis for them niggas with them pieces like Reese's
We ballin while we winking at your bitch up in the bleachers
She fiending just to hop up on my shit
Like she was featured on that piece of shit, man
Keep on squeaking like some sneakers on the court
Here's some lines you can snort
Food for thought here's a fork
No pork, dammit keep it pure, organic
What's the score, Lord it's a blowout
You niggas out here shoutin but see me I'm just gonna show out
Bitches destiny no doubt
Niggas testing me more but I'm sure
Look homie I know my shit can give a tour of the sewer
I'm bored this shit is simple
On instrumentals I'm Kimbo, slicing on any tempo
I'm busting like many pimples on the temple,
Ho hard like I just seen some nipples on Beyonce
No disrespect to HOV but if I didn't I'd be beyond gay
I almost erased them lines but in the end I chose to keep em
Cause if I said it, I really, I really, I really mean it

Yeah and that's just a Warm Up baby
Lemme give it to 'em
Yeah, yeah, yeah, look, nigga

I rep my city in your city
Just to let you niggas know just where I'm comin from
Ville' nigga troublesome
Gats all around niggas waist like a coma blunt
Leave you leakin' 'til a plumber come
Still we ain't running from no man
Look bitch I'm hot enough to melt a snowman
Ey pack your packs mama we gettin the fuck up outta Poland
Cause I'm programmed for the dough
While you hold hands with a ho
You ain't got no chance when I flow
Bitch I was a grown man when I was four
Boy, so sit your ass down
You lookin at the class clown
Slash valedictorian, slash hoopin nigga best dressed
Back in school you was just a stupid nigga
And now you're rappin all you talk bout your Coupe is sicker
Your top is dropped but the cops is out here shootin niggas
Stupid nigga, see me I rather tell the truth to niggas
You out here stuntin, niggas is out here frontin
Nigga you good for nothin
I'm freestylin coming off the dome
Bitch Macaulay Culkin Home Alone
I don't even know why I said that
And bitch I get bread that's enormous
Ya'll niggas on my dick man I'm dormant
That means I'm on the low, that means I'm on your ho
That means I'm about this dough
Nigga I'm coming off the dome
Bitch I'm I'll all the way to the chromosomes in my body
Bitch get hit with a 12-gauge shotty
No Maserati, driving like Mr Cosby
Nigga know
I'm coming through I got the sicker flow
I've hit them motherfuckin niggas with that
Nigga know that drunk shit I'll shit
Comin through I spill shit like whoops, bitch
You need to read a book bitch