DrakeA Little Favour

Check, Check, Check. 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2.
Diamonds Hang Around My Neck; The Crib Is All Finished.
No Love For These Bitches I Said This Year Is All Business.
It Is A Shame That A Couple Of Them Are Off Limits. No Offense To My Nigga.
Its Just The Industry Small, We All Lust For The Same Women.
You Know The Ones We Saw Before We Came In It.
I Know He Aint Trippin.
I Know I Got A Couple Things That Lil Wayne Dipped In.
Aint Afraid To Admit It: I Be The Same With It.
This Shit Is All About Hits And Misses.
The Ones That You Fuck And The Ones You Wife Up.
Just Dont Let Them Fuck Your Life Up.
Half A Mil To Perform, I Cant Let Em Fuck That Shit Up.
Plus I Love The Way My Middle Name Looks When Its Lit Up.
Jim Moore Got Me Dressing Like A Leading Man.
A Little Favour For A Friend When I Need A Hand.
Young Frank, Suits Cut Right Always.
Just Got A Couple Warhols For My Hallways.
New Verses Crush The Hood Like Im Driving Into Somethin.
Bitches On The Kid Like Im Iverson Or Somethin.
Like A Sixer Since I Sold Six Eighty In My First.
Drizzy Drake, The Only One That Got The Gift Without The Curse.