¡mayday! & MursBeast Out the Box

I let the beast out the box
I can't chain it, chain it, no
I can't hold him back
I can't put him down

Break, I been holding on
To a soul down low like a loaded gun
I'mma take a step closer from
The soft spoken one that I've slow become

Snakes, and the new fugazis
Why they gotta provoke me, try and tame me?
Fate and the blocks that made me
Won't let me go down like these ladies

Hate, it's all around me
The evil's closing in and it tried to drown me
Wait, I let God surround me
The devil had me down but I'm glad he found me

Shake, everything I was
And every little bit of me you see I love

I'mma make a move on the spot
Running up the plot, coming up outta the box

[Hook x2]

Here comes the rattling, here comes the pain
Here comes the handling, don't fear the rain
Cause it was bound to change
Couldn't hold it all in so I broke the chain

These boys are shattering these barricades
B-boys are traveling to outer space
We had to make our own lane
Drive without headlights, turn a road unpaved

In comes the chattering into my brain
It doesn't matter they call me insane
What they think it's a game
Going full beast mode for the money and fame

Get up I'm battering, in such a way

The Tin cups and damning em, fix up your fangs

Take a bite out the game
New rules new aim and a gang called Strange

[Hook x2]

[Instrumental break: 40 measures]

[Hook x2]