V-iceGet Your Ass Up

Check the resume y'all know me the club rocker
Quick to rob a bobber and I fly like a copper
I'm livin' well and I dodge all Coppers
I move all the ladies but they gotta be proper
Sucker free my whole click is so damn tight
Guaranteed to make 'em jump when I'm blessin' the mic
I got 'em runnin' to the floor they like who dat who dat
Droppin' bombs in the club they say do dat do dat
I'm coming through with the new school like uh oh
Dance floor packed y'all are like here we go
The whole club in the mix y'all are movin
Bobbin your head while the ladies are smoothin

If your game is tight then I know you goin

If your money is right then I know you're goin

If ya hittin' tonite then you might as well

come on
get yo ass up!

And when it gets too hot now what do you need?

platinum status who is he?

who can rock a show but won't freeze?

get yo ass up!

All right stop now let the beat drop
You know it's hot now let's reach for the top
You got the hip then I hit you with the hop
Millennium funk I got this game on lock
I take four MCs put 'em all in a line
Four wannabes who think they can rhyme
And five more before I go for mine
Now that's 13 ate up at the same time
So think realistically not egotistically
It's suicide if you even think of dissin' me
I'm on a world tour while you're sittin' at home
I've been 17 platinum with this microphone
So Get up

Muevelo-muevelo Mami, muevelo asi
Oyes hasle caso a tu Sugar Daddy
Pearla bustin' out treat for my Papis
Chillin with Ice, Latina flava better than xtasy
I'm gettin stupid drunk till the early mornin'
You's tappin' dat ass till the break of dawnin'
Light the blunts up, Tear the club up
Drink the fuck up, Got a problem you can get the fuck out
It's a Friday night playa, Time to spend that skrilla
Time to spark the killa and chug the Tequila
Get your body goin' cuz the music is flowin'
Got ladies shakin' their ass
Wearing shit that got their cheeks showin' and bouncin'
1 to the 2 to the 3 to the 4
25 fellas tryin to bust down my door
What do they want tryin to live la vida loca
With this fly Latina chick who got the bangin' ass chocha