A Breath Beyond BrokenDissertation

Some days, violent skies (they’re too bright, too bright)
A reflection of our minds (so I’ll stay inside, stay inside, stay inside)
And every closing hand (maybe I can mold my fear)
Reads like a sunset to me (maybe I can mold my fear)
Staring into space we forget our problems
And delve into a more metaphysical state of mind
In every pace we’re advised not to take,
We wonder which lives we’ve been roped in to fake
Today and the past they’re of similar sake;
The night’s a mistake that the tired sun makes
So wake when you want,
And love what you please
There’s a hymn on your arm
but it looks like disease
you left love in a book
and your valley’s still parched,
but the rain’s going to come
the rain’s going to come now
is it a failure if I can’t relay to you
that this will never feel, never feel like home?
And you could draw a map to mark this place
And find yourself in the heart of loneliness
Closed a book, I thought I knew its pages
But there were words between lines
That I did not want myself to see
And now I’m too scared to
Open up that book again
Because I’m not ready to face
What another read could mean
There are wells, wells that dig so deep
And where the water was
I try to hide and sleep
And they’ll never find, never find a place
Where one can rest a lonely head
Up on the surface of things
And my life, a lonely illusion
A forest in winter where the snow remains untouched
And our garden, it never seems to grow
There is a sickness spreading here, it’s a rhythmic undertow
A gamble, a happiness at risk
When you spend your life untying the knots on which you sit
Oh knowledge, I felt your serpents sting
And I went to sea to have the wind suck out the poison but how it failed me
Just take a look at the grandest scheme of things, see the progress is a lie
Because people never change the way they see
They stay in the same place until they die
Just burn our bodies when they’re found
There is nothing here to salvage
This effort was stopped long ago
Our pasts were filled up with one ambitious wish
But it was just too much, just too much to lift
So if our ashes will fit, place them in one leather-bound mistake
I built a boat today, I pushed the world away