¡mayday! & MursGive You My All

[Hook: QuESt]
Now if I give you my all
Could this be mine?
Or should I find another road to take?
Now if I give you my all
Could this be mine?
So it'll never ever go away

[Verse 1: Wrekonize]
I know you wanted me to be there (be there)
Working hard sweating I never said it'd be fair
My life is all go (go) sacrifice everything I know (know)
In order for these dreams here to grow
Waking up every single day and do it for us (trust)
Nobody can understand the things that we lust (just)
Keep it on going like the world gon' combust
And we need to give it up to receive a bit of plus

[Verse 2: Murs]
Us (us), us (us), us versus them
Never halfway I give a hundred percents
Spent hella years grinding before I ever got some get back
Until I booked my first show for like 6 racks (6 racks?)
Yeah I thought I was balling
Ratchets on my dick and the labels was calling
Waiting and debating, why the fuck is you stalling?
If you really wanna get it then you gotta go all in

[Verse 3: Bernz]
Nothing's ever really what it is
And the older I get the less it makes sense
And I went from the roach motel two doors from hell
To the lemonade stand in a band shell
Due North I never lost course
On they new floors together on tour
Sometimes it all seems so not
Until I see another lyric burn it up on top, you can't stop

[Hook: QuESt]

[Verse 4: Wrekonize]
I know you wanted me to be there (be there)
Life never stops yeah I know it don't seem fair
Studio (show) leave show (studio)
And make it back home just to see you care
Making the moves I'm making for us
Breaking every bone in my body to make it plush
You feel me
I'll be your Frank Underwood if you promise that you'll be my Claire

[Verse 5: Murs]
Life ain't fair in this House of Cards
It's like a civil war in this house of ours
It's like blood cuz gangbanging
Work my fingers to the bone but we just maintaining
Could this be mine?
I need some peace of mind, we need to redesign
Before I leave and I resign, hit you with the peace sign

[Verse 6: Bernz]
Get up (what?) put it in movement
Too long in a cup, man if they were the Stewards
Coming lucid, dreaming with giants
When it's on a tombstone, you just can't deny it
Life is a pack of hungry lions
On a dark road, no road signs
So I keep my fam close and my dreams even closer
Never know when it's show time, I keep an open mind

[Hook: QuESt]