A Breath Beyond BrokenRaindrop Pulse

I have no volition to call my own
Like leaves in a storm
My mind drifts both ways in a postmodern current
And I have become nothing of worth
Where my path leads is in the wrong direction
An amputated section of who I should be
Limbs devoid of a tree
Holding onto dead leaves
This inertia; a deathbed so it seems
Falling asleep in the trenches
A life spent in dreams
But do you sleep at night? Or do you fight your dreams?
I never felt a thing, I never loved a thing
They call what we fight experience
What we love a burden, and everything else a myth
My eyes have never been so sore, my back has never been so burned
My mind has never been so fogged, my life has never felt so wrong
My mind like the night, I’m not the silent type
But I’d never speak again if I could be release from the anxiety
Of holding out a thought because I hate where I belong
Humid sky I see your lies in the gray and red collisions
You live outside this wretched life as a hydrating spectator
Spark the scene, I’m doused in an atmospheric kerosene
Our bodies haven’t caught on fire yet
Our lungs will collapse, tongues scream the relapse
I’ll feel my heart swell, even if I’ve forsaken its raindrop beating
My tired eyes fixate on gas fume skies
Light a match to exhume all the lies
That I once knew to be so true