"Ensemble Cantilena Antiqua"Berenger de Palou (fl. 1160–1209): "Totz temoros"

Totz temoros e doptans
quais qui’s laiss’a non chaler
sol puesc’entre’ls bos caber
vuelh que si’auzitz mos chans
pero no’m n’entremetria
si mon voler en seguia
mas francamen m’en somo
tals cuy non aus dir de no
Dompna cuy suy fis amans
vos me faitz viur’e valer
e quan pensan m’alezer
el’s guais amoros semblans
que m’an mes de joy en via
dic vos que no’n camjaria
a la belha sospeisso
per nulh autr’oc vostre no
Pueys qu’anc no’us vi ni davans
no pogui dels helhs vezer
re que’m pogues tan plazer
sia mos pros o mos dans
pus qu’ieu vos vi belh’amia
e quar m’en lays per feunia
o per un pauc d’uchaizo
guerrey mi eys e vos no
Dompna no sai si’us plairia
qu’ie’us vis o si’us pezaria
en tan gran doptansa so
no say s’ie’us vis o si no.

All afraid and uncertain
seemingly nonchalant,
on the condition that I be accepted by experts
I want my song to be listened to
still, I would not undertake it
if I obeyed my will
but frankly such a person requests it
that I dare not say no
My lady with whom I am sincerely enamored,
you allow me to live and be worthy
and when I delight in thinking
of the gay, loving forms
that put me on the road to joy,
I tell you that I would
not exchange for great hope
a yes from another for your no.
From the moment I saw you
and before, I could see with my eyes,
the object that could please me so much;
whether to my advantage or detriment
from the moment I saw you, dear friend,
and since I leave you by mistake
or for some reason
I torment myself and not you.
My lady I do not know if you would like
for me to see you or if it would displease you
I feel so uncertain
that I do not know whether to see you or not.