V-icePrimal Slide

What, what, what you gonna do?
Like leeches sucking on your money for blood
To have power, buy all your people's love
Don't give a damn how you get it, as long as you get it
Never spit it, I ain't with it, whatever way you did it
Step off! Cause I ain't got no time for your kind
Leave me the fuck alone, I'm heading in a new state of mind
and I'm sick of playing all your games
You staining my brain and things will never be the same!


You can't hide long with all of your lies
and when the truth comes out, to stand the test of time
and you can wear your mask and you can hide your face
You can destroy your past and you can leave no trace
So you can change, trying to rearrange, fuck staying the same
Cause your brain's what I blame for me going insane
Now let it out and try to survive and keep it real
Then reveal what you feel with your primal side

Don't make hate you for your lies (Don't make me hate you
I can't relate to, guess I mistaked you, Now I'm gonna hate you)
I came to grips and realized (I realized, now I realized
I realized I can see it in your eyes)I can't control my primal side
(I can't control it, I can't control it
I can't control it, No, I can't control it!)

Illusions, tattoos, they won't go away
A constant earthquake or continuous play
It's all in my mind, I feel so corrupted
Now it's time to unwind so I say fuck it!
For ADD they're pumping Ritalin in me
To help me fit in their society
But I won't change, I won't bend, I won't break
So take that shit and get the fuck out of my face

You can wear your mask, you can hide your face
You can destroy your past, you can leave no trace