A Breath Beyond BrokenDrought

The lies, they tear apart the lining of your stomach
But I’m more concerned with pulling out your threads
You leave; you’re a crafty machine (and I know where you sleep)
But I think I know your insides more than you know that you’re alive
But I am just your program
I am just coded inside
In this world there is life, love, and loss
Just ask an anxious lover begging in tears for a simple response
But you’ve jaded your worth I’m afraid,
And the past is a wonderful shade
But I won’t feel it, the sky is falling my mind’s just stalling out
Waiting for some coals to shine
You didn’t stop to see the sky,
There was a darkish red late in the light
I knew you would’ve loved it,
Knew you would’ve cared
But now I only stop to think not of the meaning
But the color of all things
You taught me how to see
Watching your heart bend to shape
It’s malleable; I’ve seen it before
Anxious lover, hold your chest out,
Inhale and feel the pain,
The pain that comes with love
Anxious lover, hold your heart out,
Inhale and feel the pain
I don’t know what love is
I see a drought, and I feel its heat
With the basins dried they’ll start to dig underneath
And when the water won’t come they will abandon their books
I have searched so long for sound over meaning
Where others found passion in the pulp of praise
But there’s a drought in my mind, and quench my thirst with lies,
They seek an explanation I’m afraid I can’t find